The top 7 bestselling phone models of 2023 are all iPhones::Every currently sold iPhone makes the top seven, except the iPhone SE.

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    The report tracks worldwide sales of individual smartphone models, and while hundreds of new phones are released yearly, Counterpoint says this top-10 list represents a whopping 20 percent of the worldwide market.

    The iPhone 15 models rocketed to spots 5, 6, and 7 with only about three months of sales.

    small size isn’t resonating with consumers, and right now, the rumor mill suggests Apple won’t be making another SE.

    Samsung has plenty of expensive flagships, like the Galaxy Z Fold at $1,800, but the phones it ships at volume are all budget devices.

    9 is the very bottom of Samsung’s phone lineup, the $100 Galaxy A04e, and then, at No.

    These cheaper devices are frequently on sale or are available as burner phones on a two-year pre-paid plan at a big discount.

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