I’m using CachyOS (arch based), the steam package being used is from CachyOS’s repositories. I’m using an AMD RX6600. Monitor is using 144hz refresh rate (set using hyprland config file)

All my Games are in an NTFS partition.

So far CS2 is the only game that opens up when I click on ‘Play’ and it is playable with some occasional frame drops.

I had the same issue with flatpak steam when I tried earlier.

I have tried setting the my monitor as primary by using xrandr but that didn’t help at all.

Has this happened to anyone ? What can I do to fix this ? I can attach any logs if required.

Edit: thanks to @Nerdulous@lemm.ee my issue has been solved.

(Mentioning the solution here in case the reddit post gets deleted)

  • Look for a directory called “compatdata” under ~/.steam.
  • It’ll probably take some digging, as it’s often buried in something like ~/.steam/steam/steamapps . . .
  • The “find” command would be useful in this situation!
  • Make a symbolic link from that folder to the identical location on the NTFS Steam Library.
  • ln -s ~/.steam/foo/bar/compatdata /path/to/ntfs/SteamLibrary/compatdata
  • That’s it.
  • @Nerdulous@lemm.ee
    104 months ago

    Unfortunately I had to learn this lesson the hard way as well. Steam on Linux does not really work with the games on an NTFS partition. First to confirm this is your issue I would install a game on a partition that is a different format type. The easiest option if it is in fact the issue might be this Hack posted be a reddit user. Otherwise you’ll have to reinstall your games on a compatible partition.

    • GunpachiOP
      34 months ago

      Thank you so much for this. Worked like a charm.

      Now I can finally get started with that 2nd play through of Elden Ring I have been contemplating since the news of the DLC.

  • wuphysics87
    64 months ago

    I switched from hyprland back to sway yesterday. A lot of little things I just ignored, like the steam UI, just work now. Bonus. I’m not going to get random weeb bullshit when I update

    • GunpachiOP
      14 months ago

      I just installed sway, will try comparing the performance of games in both WMs.

  • @pelotron@midwest.social
    44 months ago

    If you run steam from the console, does the log print anything interesting when you attempt to launch a game?