My Lemmy Schedule app now includes the option to get notified of new posts in a specific community!

In case you haven’t heard about the app before, here’s what other things it can do:

  • schedule a post and post it to multiple communities
    • you can upload an image as well and choose between uploading to your Lemmy instance or to Imgur
  • create a recurring post that gets posted at a specific date and time (especially useful for daily/weekly/monthly/end-of-month threads)
  • schedule pinning and unpinning of posts (instance and community)
    • the pinning and unpinning can be specified as part of creating a post
  • the aforementioned notifications about unread posts from a specific community (useful for mods)
    • can be also set using a recurring schedule, so you can get the report daily/weekly/monthly etc.

To learn more, visit the ! community.

P.S. It’s open source and can be self-hosted using docker!

  • Tiritibambix
    92 months ago

    That’s quite an achievement. Congratulations and thank you for your work.

    Are you still considering your options on “best time to post” feature ?

    • Rikudou_SageOPA
      42 months ago

      Yes, currently swamped with work so I have to prioritize. I’ll get to it, though no promises on when.