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    The Ontario Science Centre is shutting down immediately due to the risk that the building’s roof could collapse, the province announced Friday.

    Backlash to the province’s decision to move the site has also come from the Thorncliffe Park neighbourhood, as it’s a community with a high population of young children and limited recreational space.

    An engineering report this week by Rimkus Consulting Group showed each of the centre’s three buildings contain roof panels in a “distressed, high-risk” condition, the Ministry of Infrastructure said in a news release.

    “These estimates are incomplete and subject to change,” said the ministry, noting the costs make up only a “small portion” of the funding needed to keep the science centre open.

    Michael Robertson, the assistant deputy minister with the Ministry of Infrastructure, said there are no “immediate” job losses for science centre staff.

    “The [province] could have invested in revitalizing the Science Centre, but instead it’s using our public money to concoct a sham business case against this important community hub,” she said.

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