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    Marine Le Pen’s anti-immigration National Rally is tipped to win the most votes in a two-round snap election on June 30 and July 7 that could crush the liberal centrists of President Emmanuel Macron, and women are increasingly driving her party’s surging political fortunes as it seeks to position itself in the mainstream.

    The most eye-catching aspect of this swing to the far right concerned women voters, according to an election-day poll that OpinionWay carried out for the Les Echos newspaper.

    The closing of the gender gap sets the National Rally apart from anti-immigration parties in other big EU countries.

    Bristling at the suggestion his party would be bad for women’s rights, Jordan Bardella, the National Rally’s 28-year-old leader, took to social media this week to tell women he’d be a “prime minister who guarantees the rights and freedoms of every woman and girl in France.”

    But the party defines the notion of “protection” more broadly, applying it not only to security but also to health, employment and living conditions — a wider gamut of topics that resonate with female voters, he said.

    “Once Marine Le Pen became the candidate, women started voting [for the National Rally] in the same proportions as men.”

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