Religious conservatives see opportunities for fresh gains after a series of victories during Trump’s first term. Rights advocates see a dangerous blurring of church and state.

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    Since Trump lost his reelection bid, they have claimed additional successes, with Republican-run red states enacting legislation that restricts transgender care and limits the books that can be taught in school or borrowed from the library.

    But far from declaring victory, those who advocate for a more pronounced role for hard-line conservative Christian doctrine in American public life are actively planning to enact a fresh wave of changes in a second Trump term.

    Biden, a practicing Catholic who regularly attends Mass, has vowed to protect religious freedom and pointed to some of Trump’s policies — especially a travel ban on people from several majority-Muslim countries — as violations of that value.

    “In Trump’s America, women will live in fear of having their pregnancies monitored or facing punishment if they have an abortion; teachers are told what books they can teach in the classroom and grown adults who they can love and marry,” said Biden campaign spokesperson Ammar Moussa.

    “The next conservative President must make the institutions of American civil society hard targets for woke culture warriors,” reads the mandate, which says promotion of “transgender ideology” is akin to pornography and should be treated as a crime.

    “He didn’t make any secret [when he was president] about the fact that he believed Christianity to be probably the premier religion in America,” said Darrell Scott, an Ohio pastor and former member of Trump’s informal White House evangelical advisory group.

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