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    A man who spent two years moderating one of the internet’s most influential sources of information on Ukraine is being called up to fight against Russia.

    Then, a few months before Russia invaded in February 2022, he joined r/Ukraine as a moderator, one of the users empowered to help shape the subreddit’s conversation.

    It became a key source of information on the war, often breaking news of major events and featuring gritty combat videos that mainstream journalists scrambled to confirm.

    Sokalskii — who uses the username “JesterBoyd” — said he uses Reddit to convey what he sees as “objective truth” about the war to its members, predominantly in the US, UK, and Germany.

    In August, Zelenskyy fired all of Ukraine’s military recruitment chiefs after an investigation revealed they were accepting up to $10,000 in bribes to help people avoid being drafted.

    And stay dry — this is a survival thing: being miserable grinds people down mentally so they make stupid decisions," one person wrote in the thread he started.

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