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    International Monetary Fund managing director Dr Kristalina Georgieva has warned of a “tsunami” hitting the global labor market as businesses adopt AI technologies.

    Professor Thomas Jordan, chairman of the Governing Board of the Swiss National Bank, also participated in the discussion on May 13, 2024.

    In a Reuters report, Georgieva was quoted as saying: “It could bring [a] tremendous increase in productivity if we manage it well, but it can also lead to more misinformation and, of course, more inequality in our society.”

    It is difficult to avoid AI in the world of technology these days, although it remains important to understand what it can and can’t do, and the training that lies behind its so-called “intelligence.”

    He said: “Because artificial intelligence can weave information and rules with acquired experience to support decision-making, it can enable a larger set of workers equipped with necessary foundational training to perform higher-stakes decision-making tasks currently arrogated to elite experts, such as doctors, lawyers, software engineers, and college professors.”

    Microsoft has added Copilot throughout its product lineup, and OpenAI showed off its latest multi-modal machine learning model earlier this week in the form of GPT-4o.

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