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    One of the more interesting paradigm shifts underway in the automotive industry is the move to software-defined vehicles.

    Instead, you’ll find a small number of domain controllers—what the automotive industry is choosing to call “high performance compute” platforms—each responsible for a different set of activities.

    You should expect to see this approach more often as automakers develop new platforms, and there are already examples from Audi, BMW, McLaren, and Porsche on the road or arriving shortly.

    “The beauty of our concept is that you don’t even need to safety-qualify Linux itself,” said Moritz Neukirchner, a senior director at Elektrobit overseeing SDVs.

    “So in the end, since we take Linux out of the certification path and make it usable in a safety-related context, we don’t have any problems in keeping up to speed with the developer community,” he explained.

    And this is the kind of challenge that you’re being put up to if you want to participate in that speed of innovation of an open source community as rich as that of Linux and now want to combine this with safety-related applications," Neukirchner said.

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