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    Major updates to Debian’s Advanced Packaging Tool don’t come along very often, but APT 2.9 is here with a significant facelift.

    It’s only just over a year since we reported on APT 2.6, development of which was spurred by the inclusion of soft-loadable firmware in the default installation media for Debian 12.

    It also lists the important section of packages to be removed last so they don’t scroll off the top of the screen during large operations.

    The Reg FOSS desk suspects that the changes are in part aimed at catching up with two other packaging tools.

    The DNF packaging tool used in Fedora, Red Hat and the RHELatives has attractively formatted output like this … but closer to home, Nala, an alternative command-line package-management tool for Debian and Ubuntu, brings some of the DNF look and feel to .deb-based distros.

    We have recommended Nala previously and Teejeetech’s Snap and Flatpak-free Ubuntu remix Zinc – now renamed Asmi – includes it as standard.

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