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    As hundreds of millions of voters around the globe prepare to elect their leaders this year, there’s no question that trolls will try to sway the outcomes using AI, according to Clint Watts, general manager of Microsoft’s Threat Analysis Center.

    Watts said his team spotted the first Russian social media account impersonating an American ten years ago.

    Initially, Redmond’s threat hunters (using Excel, of course) tracked Russian trolls testing their fake videos and images on locals, then moving on to Ukraine, Syria and Libya.

    Watts’ team tracks government-linked threat groups from Russia, Iran, China, plus other nations around the world, he explained.

    He also revealed that about nine months ago his team conducted a deep dive into how these groups are using AI to influence elections.

    Videos set in public with a well-known speaker at a rally or an event attended by a large group of people are harder to fake.

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