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    The government has, in recent months, had to respond to the release of 150 people from immigration detention following a separate High Court ruling.

    “We see today the opposition who talks big on all these issues siding with the Greens political party to defer a matter that our advice and our advisors have told us is important to get done,” she said before the Senate voted for a committee.

    Home Affairs Minister, Clare O’Neil said it was “bleedingly obvious” why the laws needed to pass but provided little detail.

    Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi said both parties were “trading in human suffering to score cheap political points in a race to the bottom”.

    Dan Tehan described the way Immigration Minister Andrew Giles had introduced the legislation and his subsequent refusal to front questioning from the press gallery over it as extraordinary.

    “He is trying to rush this legislation through the parliament without proper process, and he will not front up and explain whether they’re might be unintended consequences or any other thing which might happen as a result of his complete incompetence,” Mr Tehan said.

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