• In short: Tasmanian Labor leader Rebecca White says it will be up to the Liberal Party to try to negotiate with the new crossbench and form a government.
  • The Liberals need 18 votes in the lower house to govern but will finish with between 14 and 16 seats — meaning they will likely need the help of the Jacqui Lambie Network and the independents.
  • What’s next? Rebecca White’s leadership position will automatically become vacant but she has not indicated if she will put her hand up for it again.
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    In her speech last night, Ms White said there could be a chance for Labor to implement its agenda, depending “on how things play out over the next few weeks”.

    Earlier on Sunday, Premier Jeremy Rockliff said he had already made contact with those likely to be sitting on the crossbench after Saturday’s election.

    “I look forward to discussions over the course of the coming week, I have already reached out to potential independents and indeed the Lambie party as well,” Mr Rockliff said.

    Mr Rockliff said he was confident his party could form minority government but the Liberals would not attempt to negotiate with the Greens.

    The Jacqui Lambie Network (JLN) appears a major chance at winning three seats in the next parliament – one each in Bass, Braddon and Lyons.

    Ms Johnston has been a vocal critic of the Liberals throughout the last term of government, particularly around integrity matters and the state’s racing industry.

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