Here’s mine. No inspiration at all taken from a certain California based company’s OS ;p

I use:

  • Manjaro OS
  • GNOME desktop
  • WhiteSur icon theme (with a few icons changed in the desktop file)
  • WhiteSur GTK and shell theme
  • Bing wallpaper
  • net speed simplified
  • Logo Menu
  • Show Desktop
  • Top Bar Organiser (to move the time to the right)
  • Overview background

I apologise if I missed anything.

  • Gunpachi
    24 months ago

    Hehe, any kind of ricing can be taken too far.

    Funnily enough I recently switched from WM’s to DE (and KDE plasma at that) so that I don’t spend entire days adjusting making pointless window border customization and autostart scripts that are already taken care of by a Desktop environment.

    That said, I cant live without my keybinds so I’ve replicated the same on my Plasma setup.