Recently bought a new laptop that comes with an AMD Radeon gpu and installed OpenSuse Tumbleweed on it which I had installed on my previous laptop as well but never had issues with suspending and resuming. However, with the new laptop, I am unable to resume after suspending or closing the lid unless I force it to shut down by holding the power button which is a major inconvenience.

I’m also dual booting alongside Windows and have secure boot enabled and have the Linux and Windows partitions encrypted if that’s what’s causing it which I doubt since this is the same setup I had on my old laptop

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: I was able to figure out that it does not suspend at all when I close the lid or click the suspend button on Gnome. Only found this out because when going through YaST Services Manager and manually starting systemctl suspend, the laptop suspends just fine and wakes back up. So I’m starting to think it’s more of a systemd issue? Any inputs?

Edit: turns out it was an issue with the official opensuse built kernel not sitting well. Downloaded a community version from the opensuse repository and it works fine. Very odd

  • Gunpachi
    35 months ago

    I have a similar issue but for me the black screen comes at random times when I open, close or move my windows or mouse.

    I found a temporary fix for it by checking out the archwiki amdgpu page

    But it still occurs , especially when I wake up my computer after suspending it.