This is just for messing around to see in digital form the house that I dream of in my head. Is there a truly free one that does a decent job?

I’ve played with it in Sims 3 but I was wondering if there was something more realistic out there. Bonus if it’s something where I could generate a noob file that a pro architect could use to base a real design on.

  • cheesymoonshadowOP
    45 months ago

    Have luck on your side. Lucky is what my husband and I both feel a lot of times. We are both pretty cautious when it comes to spending, but we also recognize that we’ve dodged some financial bullets just by sheer luck.

      35 months ago

      Hehe congratulations. I’m privileged to be in a similar position with my wife 😁

      But not many days go by I don’t think about how lucky/fortunate we are.