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    The dump of scores of documents late last week and subsequent investigation were confirmed by two employees of I-Soon, known as Anxun in Mandarin, which has ties to the powerful Ministry of Public Security.

    The dump, which analysts consider highly significant even if it does not reveal any especially novel or potent tools, includes hundreds of pages of contracts, marketing presentations, product manuals, and client and employee lists.

    Another page available until early Tuesday advertised advanced persistent threat “attack and defense” capabilities, using the acronym APT — one the cybersecurity industry employs to describe the world’s most sophisticated hacking groups.

    “There’s a huge interest in social media monitoring and commenting on the part of the Chinese government,” said Mareike Ohlberg, a senior fellow in the Asia Program of the German Marshall Fund.

    One leaked draft contract shows I-Soon was marketing “anti-terror” technical support to Xinjiang police to track the region’s native Uyghurs in Central and Southeast Asia, claiming it had access to hacked airline, cellular and government data from countries like Mongolia, Malaysia, Afghanistan and Thailand.

    If the leaker is inside China, which seems likely, Cary said that “leaking information about hacking NATO would be really, really inflammatory” — a risk apt to make Chinese authorities more determined to identify the hacker.

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