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    Google has signed a content licensing deal with the social media platform, Reuters reported on Wednesday, citing sources familiar with the matter.

    Their concerns about what a Reddit-trained AI might be like are probably not unfounded, considering some of the off-the-rails content posts made on the site since its inception in 2005.

    Take this guy, who claimed in 2014 that he was caught in a particularly Kafkaesque scenario, where he had to pretend his girlfriend was a giant cockroach named Ogtha when he made love to her.

    Like this guy’s viral 2015 post on the 19-million-user strong forum r/TodayIFuckedUp, where he recounted how he went to his girlfriend’s parents’ home, pretended not to know what a potato was, and then got kicked out of the house by her angry father.

    Some platform users have written uplifting, inspirational posts and offered useful life and career advice.

    Elon Musk, for one, has been tapping on data from X, formerly Twitter, to train his AI company’s chatbot, Grok.

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