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    The Bcachefs file-system that was mainlined to the Linux kernel last year has received a grant from the NLNet Foundation.

    Europe’s NLNet Foundation has funded a lot of great open-source work over the years and as part of their latest round of Next Generation Internet Zero “NGI0” grants is funding for the Bcachefs file-system.

    In addition to Bcachefs funding this round is also separate grants for funding to add AMD support to the Converged Security Suite, ReOxide for improving Rust decompilation, enabling true multi-tenacy in MariaDB, WireGuard FPGA implementation, and more.

    Hopefully this additional funding will help Kent Overstreet and others continuing to enhance Bcachefs.

    Overstreet also continues operating a Bcachefs Patreon to help in funding this open-source file-system.

    Additionally, we aim to improve upon the state of the art in a number of areas such as extensibility, which will aid in development in other areas that have historically had to reinvent technology that already exists in local filesystems (distributed systems), repairability (online check and repair, self healing), and ease and correctness of development with the use of Rust."

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