Even though different Linux distros are often fairly close in terms of real-life performance and all of them have a clear advantage over Windows in many use cases, we can’t reject the fact that Arch Linux has undoubtedly won the competition. And now I’m so glad to have another reason to proudly say “I use Arch btw”

::: It was a joke of course :::

  • Gunpachi
    35 months ago

    Haha yeah, zypper is so damn slow. I thought about trying dnf in opensuse but didn’t want to risk breaking my install.

      • @TheFrirish@jlai.lu
        5 months ago

        zypper is absolutely obsolete you don’t have parallel downloads and it has to connect for each package so when you have 1.2GB install omg

        edit: If you have more than 1000 packages to update/install you’re in for a treat

        • @GolfNovemberUniform@lemmy.mlOP
          15 months ago

          APT doesn’t have parallel downloads by default either. But in my case it’s still 100 times faster than DNF, especially in terms of fetching. As I remember, once I had to wait for like 10 MINUTES to install htop on a Fedora live ISO. That’s why I gave Fedora and DNF itself a big red DNF and started using Arch btw