• The How™
    5 months ago

    Worked for a small business which did electronics repair, and which had recently picked up e-waste recycling. Our boss, the owner, was known for getting baked out of his mind and imagining things which he needed to tell his staff, and would think the next day that he had actually told that thing to his staff. Just to give you an idea of the kind of guy the owner is, we had two company-wide group texts for the 11 people on payroll. One had everyone, and the other had everyone except the owner. The owner never knew about that one, and honestly that arrangement was a necessity to keep turnover low and by extension the business from running aground.

    Anyway, my coworker is talking to a customer at the counter, who is dropping off an old television to be recycled. The customers leave, and the owner walks in.

    Owner: “Wait, is this a plasma? We can’t take this!”

    Coworker: “why not?”

    Owner: “We can’t do plasmas! We’ve never done plasmas!” sees the stack of plasma screen televisions “What the fuck?! Who accepted these?”

    Me: “Dude, you’ve never mentioned that we can’t do anything with plasmas before.”

    Owner: “Yeah! It was in the class on e-waste recycling.”

    Coworker: “You were the only one who took that because you didn’t want to fly anyone else to Vegas for a four day conference.”

    At this point I think the owner started to realize he hadn’t actually disseminated anything other than the logistical aspects of the e-waste business to the employees.

    Owner: “So, what, no one knows what we actually accept for e-waste?”

    Me: “I don’t think so, man.”

    The owner looks at me with obvious anger and with that look that says he’s about to blame me for something.

    Owner: “So, what y’all want a fucking list or something?”

    Coworker: “Yeah, that would be great, actually.”

    The owner turned red, looked about ready to angry-cry, and walked out. Went home and got baked. I don’t think he ever actually put a list together. The e-waste thing fell through a few months later after I left because the warehouse he was renting and illegally living out of was like a quarter the size needed, and there wasn’t any money left for processing equipment. He franchised a corporate brand like a year later.

    Fuck you, Matt, you goddamn moron.

    • @diffcalculus@lemmy.world
      595 months ago

      I like how the company-wide group text tidbit had nothing to do with the rest of the story.

      Reminded me of watching the extended cut of LoTR, where some scenes were just fluff.

      • The How™
        425 months ago

        Yeah, I guess it reads weird. I think I intended it as a early barometer to his character, but didn’t expand or lampshade it properly. Oh well. It’s a lemmy comment, not a graded CW essay.