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    Stability detailed the model’s inner workings in a research paper released Tuesday that focuses on the ADD technique.

    One of the claimed advantages of SDXL Turbo is its similarity to Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), especially in producing single-step image outputs.

    Stability AI says that on an Nvidia A100 (a powerful AI-tuned GPU), the model can generate a 512×512 image in 207 ms, including encoding, a single de-noising step, and decoding.

    This move has already been met with some criticism in the Stable Diffusion community, but Stability AI has expressed openness to commercial applications and invites interested parties to get in touch for more information.

    Meanwhile, Stability AI itself has faced internal management issues, with an investor recently urging CEO Emad Mostaque to resign.

    Stability AI offers a beta demonstration of SDXL Turbo’s capabilities on its image-editing platform, Clipdrop.

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