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    When OpenAI’s board asked Sam Altman to return a day after they fired him, he initially felt defiant, hurt and angry.

    After an attempted boardroom coup that lasted five days, Altman officially returned as CEO of OpenAI on Wednesday.

    During our interview, Altman repeatedly declined to answer the main question on everyones’ minds: exactly why he was fired to begin with.

    Below is my full interview with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and CTO Mira Murati, lightly edited for clarity:

    It’s gonna take a real amount of time for people to think through this, to debate, to get outside perspectives, for pressure testing.

    But I come back without any of the stress of “Oh man, I gotta do this, or the company needs me or whatever.” I selfishly feel good because either I picked great leaders or I mentored them well.

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