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    It’s an open-weights preview of two AI models that use a technique called image-to-video, and it can run locally on a machine with an Nvidia GPU.

    Last year, Stability AI made waves with the release of Stable Diffusion, an “open weights” image synthesis model that kick started a wave of open image synthesis and inspired a large community of hobbyists that have built off the technology with their own custom fine-tunings.

    They can operate at varying speeds from 3 to 30 frames per second, and they output short (typically 2-4 second-long) MP4 video clips at 576×1024 resolution.

    In our local testing, a 14-frame generation took about 30 minutes to create on an Nvidia RTX 3060 graphics card, but users can experiment with running the models much faster on the cloud through services like Hugging Face and Replicate (some of which you may need to pay for).

    We’ve previously covered other AI video synthesis methods, including those from Meta, Google, and Adobe.

    Stability AI says it is also working on a text-to-video model, which will allow the creation of short video clips using written prompts instead of images.

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