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    115 months ago

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    DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Some law enforcement agencies are encouraging iPhone users to be cautious following a new update.

    The Middletown Division of Police in Ohio posted a warning to parents on Facebook over the weekend regarding the “NameDrop” feature included in the iOS 17 update.

    The feature allows users to easily share their contact information with another iPhone or Apple Watch by holding the devices very close together.

    “PARENTS: Don’t forget to change these settings on your child’s phone to help keep them safe,” the Middletown Division of Police wrote in its Facebook post.

    The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office in Michigan also shared a warning about the feature, which is turned on by default with the new update.

    The sheriff’s office said that even though you can refuse to share your info, “many people do not check their settings and realize how their phone works.”

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    • @SuperPillowFishRoe@beehaw.org
      5 months ago

      More and more I’m realizing that these types of PSAs from cops are just thinly veiled PR pieces to drum up fear over something that is pretty miniscule all things considered, especially since it’s on Facebook.

      Kinda reminds me of those NextDoor-esque posts “Man outside with clipboard. Stay safe!”