Any ideas? I am attempting to write a script that uses sed.

If done this way it fails

  • rmdec=“sed ‘s/…$//’”
  • i1xmr=$(echo “$i1p/$apiresponse*1000” |bc -l |$rmdec)

But if i do it this way it works

  • i1xmr=$(echo “$i1p/$apiresponse*1000” |bc -l | sed ‘s/…$//’)
  • @I_Am_Jacks_____
    76 months ago

    I have had some problems doing what you’re trying to do. Replacing the variable with a function would work.

    rmdec() { sed ‘s/…$//’; }

    • @shortwavesurfer@monero.townOP
      16 months ago

      Perfect. That did the trick. So when running a bash command like that putting it in a function keeps it from getting screwed up apparently