• @RealAccountNameHere@beehaw.org
    859 months ago

    The story of how a woman lost her daughter because the grandmother didn’t believe that the girl’s coconut allergy was real, despite years of watching the parents trying to find out the allergen so that they could stop the girl from winding up in the emergency room. The grandmother kept the kid overnight and used coconut oil on her hair; the child went into anaphylaxis and died.

    The mother said that the grandmother begs her to see her other grandchildren, as they’ve now cut ties with her; the mom’s response was, “You can come over when you bring my daughter with you.”

    A horrible story of how some people just believe they know better than everyone, including doctors.

    • JokeDeity
      139 months ago

      I have legitimate fears of letting my fiance’s crazy conservative parents ever have our kids alone. To this day her dad will come out of nowhere with a 10 minute prepared speech about how covid isn’t real, which is always followed by the entire family being silent and wondering to ourselves, “who the fuck even asked you anything at all?”

    • @CeruleanRuin
      19 months ago

      Sounds like that old woman never gave up on her dream of qualifying for a Darwin Award.