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    It’s pretty hard to believe that it was 20 years ago that Steam arrived, and with it that glorious green interface.

    They weren’t even close to being the first digital store to provide games, but requiring Steam to run Half-Life 2 regardless of digital purchase or a boxed copy was likely the defining moment that helped push it to success for Valve.

    This was likely my own introduction to Steam as well, back in the day were my PC could only just about run Half-Life 2 when you had long loading screens between sections.

    Pictured - Steam homepage back in 2004 after Half-Life 2 released

    Not everything Valve has tried went well like the original Steam Machines, and killing off their ambitions for non-gaming video content but they keep on trying and expanding and it seems there’s really no stopping it.

    Naturally, without Steam and Valve, Linux gaming wouldn’t be where it is today so we’re doubly thankful for its existence.

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