I’ve been really wanting to get a steamdeck. I’ve been playing a lot on my modded switch, but there is a lot I want to play that is not available on the switch.

Does anyone have both systems and still use the switch?

I imagine I can just dump my games and emulate them on the Steamdeck.

I don’t do anything online, so I can’t imagine I’ll miss out on anything.

Im an experienced Linux gamer, so im not worried about the Linux side of things.

  • Rikudou_SageA
    78 months ago

    For me there isn’t. I already had a Switch and since I bought the Deck, it pretty much just sits there. The only time I’ve used it is when we were in a plane and both me and my partner wanted to play, so we brought both Deck and Switch. If there was some cross-play, I’d actually find a use, but since no one gives a fuck about it, we mostly can’t even play together (Fall Guys being the exception). And I’m very much over paying a fee for accessing servers with my console. I cancelled my Nintendo subscription because I don’t use it and recently wanted to play some level on Mario Maker, turns out you can’t do that without paying for subscription. So I just turned off the Switch again.